Sales Health Checklist

To assess the assess of your sales organisation, simply ask yourself the following questions. Answer "yes", "no" or "don't know" and make a tally of the results. The questions fall into the following categories:
Have you a plan?
What does your company do?
What you are selling and why is it different?
Who are you selling to?
How do get in the door?
What are the customer’s needs & wants?
How do you highlight return on investment?
How do you measure sales performance?

Sales Plans

• Is there a sales plan?
• Does each sales person have one?
• Is it written down?

Sales plans should highlight three things:
• Quantity (quota, order size, deals, meetings, calls etc.)
• Quality (knowledge, market, competition, product etc.)
• Direction (markets, companies, people etc.)

Do your sales plans set this out?

Strategic sales positioning

What does your company do?
What problem does your company solve?
Why should someone pay for it?
Does the description fit on the back of a business card?
Does everyone say the same thing?

Sales propositions

What you are selling?
Can you articulate the five features that make your product stand out?
Does everyone say the same thing?
Is it on the website & in your collateral?
Can you articulate what advantages these features confer?
Are the features and advantages linked?

Sales targets

Who are you selling to?
Can you say who you’re selling to?
Can you identify all the criteria? (e.g. Size, revenues, shape, industry, location, economics, culture, management)
Can you quantify these criteria?
Do you know who you shouldn’t sell to?

Sales approaches

How do you get in the door?
Who is the “right” person?
What is the ideal job title?
What is their level?
What are their responsibilities?
How do you reach them?
What is your plan for getting past “gatekeepers?”
Why should they talk to you?
How do you motivate them to listen?

Identify customer needs and wants

What are the customer’s needs and wants?
How do you find out a customer’s needs?
How do you find out a customer’s wants?
Are your initial questions all the same?
Are the follow-on questions planned?
Are they linked to your features and advantages?

Identify customer pay-offs

Do your questions identify the payoff or benefit of your solution to each customer?
Is the ROI linked specifically to unique features in your solution?
Can you quantify that ROI in each case?

Measuring sales effectiveness

Can salespeople explain what their quota is?
Can they explain what activity is required to achieve it?
Do you have regular forecasts?
Do you have clear forecasting rules?
Do you review forecasts?
Do you have a defined sales process?
Is each step clearly identified?

Sales forecasting

For every deal, can salespeople explain:
When will the deal close?
How will it be funded?
What is the process by which the purchase is made?
Who has to sign-off on the purchase?
Who is involved in approving?
What is the alternative or competition?